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BY Jaume Vidal

Contemporary creation doesn’t mean only the activity of artists. Behind many exhibitions, workshops and initiatives aimed at gathering together artistic works we find the impetus of people with a clear vocation to bring the universe of ideas into the tangible world. These cultural promoters are given labels such as art critics or curators, but beyond the grandness of these names there lies a passion for contemporary creation. One example of these individuals who act as a driving force for artists is Rosa Pera (Barcelona, 1966). Pera has been working in contemporary art for some years now, as a curator for exhibitions, an organizer of courses and workshops for artists, and one of the animators of Barcelona Tallers, an association which brought together the hitherto widely dispersed alternative creation existing in Barcelona. In 1992 and 1994, Barcelona Taller started up a series of activities in the former Transformadors venue which combined performance, dance, experimental music and cinema. Barcelona Taller has since disappeared, but it stands as one of the leading initiatives in the recent history of alternative creation in the city. (...)