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by Felicia Esquinas

The year 1998 has seen numerous celebrations marking the centenary of Brecht's birth. "Barcelona Metrōpolis", which started the year with a report centred on the importance of Brechtian tradition within Barcelona's theatrical world, now wishes to put a finishing touch to that series of homages through a conversation with Johanna Schall, the famous dramatist's granddaughter. Johanna Schall travelled for the first time to Barcelona in order to present a show called "EINS gegen EINS oder ICHabRECHT", performed under the aegis of the Grec'98 festival. After pointing out that she liked the city because its history does not "frighten or attack you", Johanna Schall appeared intent on shielding herself from the weight of her own family history. However, even though talking about her grandfather is for her a "slighly problematical" task, she agreed to present us with a few succinct evocations of one of the most important playwrights of this century.