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"Barcelona(s) 2004, the City’s Futures" is the title of the exhibition that will be installed at the entrance to the Olympic Marina during the months of March and April, coinciding with the IULA (International Union of Local Authorities) and Metropolis congresses. With Barcelona as a reference point, the exhibition’s goal is to stimulate reflection and debate on the major issues and problems faced by large cities at the time of the new millennium. Occupying an area of 2,000 m2, the exhibition is organised around four themes: The City and the Metropolitan Area, Mobility and Transport, the Sea Front, and Knowledge-based Society. The exhibition has been assembled by Josep A. Acebillo and Pep Subirķs.

1 The City and the Metropolitan Area

1.0 Europe: A Continent of Cities
1.1 Barcelona on the International Scene: Connections, Competitive Edge and Quality
1.2 Barcelona’s Development. Opting for a New Urban and Territorial Equilibrium
1.3 The Metropolitan Area, a City of Cities. Territory and Environment.

2 Mobility and Transport

2.0 Promoting Public Transport. The Mobility Accord
2.1 Underground and Tramway
2.2 Mobility and road serviceability in the City Centre. The Picasso Project for Sustainable Mobility

- Plaįa Cerdā: Development of the Plaza that Never Was
- Ronda del Mig
- The Diagonal Reaches the Sea
- Widening the Ronda del Litoral and Tunnels under Montjuīc

2.3 The Railway Network

- The High-speed Train (TAV)
- The High-speed Train and the Sagrera Area

3 The Sea Front, from River to River

3.0 Barcelona from River to River
3.1 The Rebirth of the Besōs River

- Environmental Recovery of the Riverbed

3.2 Territorial Impact of the Universal Cultural Forum. Barcelona 2004
3.3 Barcelona in Blue and Green

- Diagonal Mar
- The Poblenou Sea Front
- The New Port Vell

3.4 The Llobregat Delta Plan: the Southern Gateway to Europe

- Expansion of the Airport
- Diversion of the Llobregat River
- Expansion of the Port and the Logistics Activity Zone (ZAL)

4 The City of Knowledge and Productive Capacity

4.0 Knowledge-based Society
4.1 The Telecommunications Network
4.2 The Magic Triangle: City, University, Business

- Infopime
- Cibernārium: Data Transmission Centre

4.3 The New Poblenou: A New Production Centre for Knowledge and Culture
4.4 Cultural Installations

- The Library Plan
- The Provincial Library. Rehabilitation of the Born Market
- Ciutat del Teatre
- The Auditorium
- The Tecla Sala Cultural Centre. L’Hospitalet de Llobregat