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by Felicia Esquinas

Carrer Jonqueres would be an anodyne street were it not for a store called "La Casa de las mantas" (The Blanket House). Moreover, carrer Jonqueres is in fact the street of "La Casa de las Mantas", located at number 5, very close to the tall "Caixa" building. Does it ring a bell? The walls on both sides of the street are plastered with signs on which the name of the shop is proudly displayed some thirty times. If those signs were set off by artificial lighting, carrer Jonqueres would look like one of those Broadway arteries where a long-standing success (in this case, a 62-year-old one) is being brightly advertised. "The first store in Spain to specialize in household linen". "Blankets". "Blankets". "Blankets". "Bedspreads". "Mattresses". "Travelling rugs". "Bed linen". In summary: "Everything you need for your home and trousseau"...