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by Andreu MartÝn

One day in March 1993, while snow was quietly falling on the city, Andreu MartÝn (Barcelona, 1949) moved house to the new Vila OlÝmpica district. He was actually one of the first residents in a neighbourhood that was just beginning to take shape. Andreu MartÝn, author of detective stories (such as "Pr˛tesi", which was awarded the "CÝrculo del Crimen" prize in 1980, "L'home que tenia raˇ", that won the Hammet Award in 1993, or the recently published "Judge i part") as well as teenagers' books (he was awarded, together with Jaume Ribera, the 1989 National Prize for "No demanis llobarro fora de temporada"), film director ("Sauna") and scriptwriter ( he is currently working for the television drama serial "Laberint d'ombres", produced by TV3) explains how that urban adventure brought an added bonus that came as a real surprise to him: his definitive discovery of the sea.