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by Jaume Melendres

"In actual fact, the square does not exist and precisely for that reason it is worth visiting." This is how Jaume Melendres (b. Martorell, 1941) invites us to have a look at the Plaça de la Vila de Madrid. Melendres is a playwright (Meridians i paral.lels, Un collaret d'algues vermelles), narrator (Cinc mil metres papallona, Un avió damunt dels vidres, La dona sense atributs), stage director and editor of the "El chivato" section of the magazine El Público since 1987, and he lives very close by, on Carrer Duc de la Victòria. This writer claims that the Plaça de la Vila de Madrid is "under a curse for reasons unknown, a circumstance that has given rise a number of hypotheses. The most disturbing is that the square is, quite simply, the site of a cemetery, an authentic one dating back to Roman times"