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by Jaume Vidal

Sergio Mora (Barcelona 1975) is a representative of this generation which has no time for romances and is in a hurry to get himself a space where his work and his artistic identity will be recognised and will enable him to earn a living. "Creative work is a kind of criminal sentence. You like it, you feel it and you can't get away from it. For this reason, you must try to have a good time and not just think about money, because if you do, you become impoverished", says Sergio Mora.

Fruit of this need to be on the move and also a trait of this generation of around 25 years of age is his wide range of creative activities. Sergio Mora has been the drummer in the group From head to toe, but he wanted to taste other things. He had to chose and he decided on art, and left his musical group aside. And in this field he has done everything, in areas quite unrelated such as an illustrated children's book and the world of the fanzine. But he has also worked in interior designs and painting. Now, in a very important attempt to promote himself, he is preparing his participation in Supermerc'art.