portada de BMM

by Vladimir de Semir, proposing councillor of the city of knowledge

The area that has been chosen as the setting for the Pueblo Nuevo Project is located in the centre of the metropolitan system. That area, which contained the densest concentration of industries in Barcelona, has now opened the way to new economic activities and housing projects. Its proximity to the sea and its excellent accessibility make this section of the city a quite suitable base for new-generation economic activities.

In the following article, Vladimir de Semir, councillor and rapporteur on the project called "Ciudad del Conocimiento" (City of Knowledge), reminds us that what we could call the society of knowledge is currently replacing with amazing quickness the society which we had inherited from the industrial revolution and that this process is changing the whole structure of a society in which knowledge - as Peter Drucker already foresaw a few decades ago - turns the worker not only into a driving force within the economic world, but also in a capital, an equation which is diametrically opposed to the one - "worker = cost" - that has prevailed to date in a world where labour is seen and used as the "transformer" of raw materials. Nowadays, in this society which is presently laying the foundations for the system that will have to be our economic and social model in the twenty-first century, binary digits and - above all - neurons are replacing factory chimneys, more particularly so in large urban centres in which there is an ineluctably increasing agglomeration of people and, consequently, the densest concentration of productive activities. (...)