portada de BMM

by Karles Torra

Some time ago, long-distance runner Ramon Parellada coined the expression "multi-field stadiums for the senses", referring to those places with the capacity for integrating scenographic arts with those linked with the sense of taste in a single space. At present, Barcelona's offerings in that sphere are becoming increasingly attractive and wide-ranging. Following a meticulous remodelling operation, the recent transformation of both the "Teatreneu" in the Gracia district and "Abaixadors Deu" in the neighbourhood of La Ribera has made of those two places significant heralds of a new style of theatre, music or poetry consumption, with the added value that their offering also includes the possibility to dine or have a drink on the premises.
After one year and a half of renovation works, the formerly rambling "Teatreneu" building located on carrer Terol has been turned into a brand-new artistic centre that houses a restaurant and a bar-cum-theatre within perfectly delimited areas around the historical theatre hall in which Gracia's weavers used to gather. For approximately one year now, the "Teatreneu" management has been staging thematic series of concerts centred on varied styles (classical music, jazz and world musics) which have met with great success and served to complement the estimable regular theatre season programme of shows performed at the adjoining "Sala Xavier Fàbregat". The restaurant has a capacity of about one hundred customers and opens for lunch and at night, from nine in the evening until two in the morning. It also includes a private dining room for special gatherings.
To mention a more strictly aesthetic aspect, it has also been planned that the alluring bar area would soon serve as a showcase for exhibitions of arquitectural scale models that will complement the painting and photograph exhibits already displayed on its walls. Finally, Jordi Beneto informs us that "at some time in July or August, we intend to transfer the Schilling Café to Berlin, more concretely to the "Praten" in the German capital". That will mean exporting a fortnight of non-stop music and binge, with the very special collaboration of the legendary Kraftwerk. "We are going to sell Barcelona in Europe by diffusing the works of the city's improvising performers, architects and conceptual artists".