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It happened on plaza Gomis, close to the Vallcarca bridge, many years ago. That was where Gato Pérez sang his first "rumba" to Marcos Ordóñez. Nowadays, the latter - a novelist and scriptwriter as well as a theatre, cinema and music reviewer - proposes to rekindle the memories housed in one of the city's neighbourhood, Vallcarca, and its peculiar bridge, allegedly the only "essentially French" bridge in the whole city. Marcos Ordóñez (Barcelona, 1957) has published several novels ("Puerto Angel", "Rancho Aparte", "La esencia del guaguancó"), reviewing works and essays ("Darío Argento, una cartografía del horror", "Molta Comèdia: Cróniques de teatre 1987-1995") and he is the author of a play called "La Noche del Eldorado" which was performed in public for the first time during the 1991 "Grec" festival. He is presently a contributor of articles to the "El País" newspaper, and he has also worked for magazines such as "El Temps", "Escena", "Rock de Lux" or "Fotogramas".