portada de BMM

by Joan-Anton Benach, editor

Many of the sections in this 53rd issue of B.MM take a look at the city over the past 25 years. Obviously, this is a special issue. Urban green, one of the elements most closely linked to the quality of life, and the Miró Foundation's Espai 13, the permanent site of an obstinate determination to open up to new artistic trends, could be two parallel lines eloquently tracing the symbolic meaning of the last quarter of a century in Barcelona that began with the restoration of democracy. A symbol of the improvement in everyday life in the city reflected in the report on the increase in the number of areas with trees and gardens open to the public, and a symbol of the dynamism of various areas of culture, suggested by the most prestigious space devoted to contemporary art that Barcelona has had during this period.

In addition to the usual chronicle of events in the city, which this time covers three decades (1970-1999), a group of experts has summarised the most significant phenomena that have occurred in various sectors of local culture. However, in order not to restrict itself to an exercise of more or less narcissistic, or more or less critical, retrospection, the magazine has opted to include the fourteen major goals Barcelona has set itself for the next few years in a wide-ranging report. Without eschewing debate on the subject, B.MM will strictly follow this up to ensure that the magazine bears witness - as it did with the huge changes in the eighties and the nineties - to everything that may very well make Barcelona's best quarter century the one that is just beginning.