portada de BMM


Fifteen years of active urban culture. Fifteen years recording the city's history as it was being made. Barcelona. Metròpolis Mediterrània was launched in 1985 in the midst of the ebullience of the preparations for the Olympic Games, at a time when Barcelona was re-inventing itself with the legitimate aim of becoming one of the capitals of Southern Europe. The pages of this magazine have been a showcase for all that has happened in our city since then, the initiatives, projects, debates, cultural and artistic production, history and heritage, creators, town planning and architecture, the world of communication, and so on. B.MM has been used as source material for innumerable doctoral theses and requested by European and American libraries and universities, and has made a name for itself and established a reputation for quality in the somewhat limited world of Catalan cultural publications. Today, B.MM is entering a new phase and renewing itself once again in response to the demands of communication in the times in which we live.

The magazine was created at the initiative of a government with the express aim of providing a public service and covering a void left by private enterprise. Now, the issues of B.MM published to date, numbering over fifty, together constitute a highly useful source of information on Barcelona, also available via the Internet (www. publicacions.bcn.es).

B.MM is one of the standard publications for information on the subject of Barcelona. It was created with an urban focus and the aim of dealing with and promoting a city culture. In achieving this aim, we have been assisted by contributions from leading specialists. Oriol Bohigas, Juli Capella, Maria Aurèlia Capmany, Lluís Permanyer, Daniel Giralt-Miracle, Josep M. Carandell, Àlex Roch, Jaume Vidal, Enric Franch and Véronique Brom have all been regular contributors to the magazine, which has also published articles by such prestigious authors as José Luis Guarner, Jack Lang, José Martí Gómez, Salvador Pániker, Sempronio, Joan Brossa, Norman Foster, Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, Néstor Luján, Paco Candel, Carme Riera, Feliu Formosa, Romà Gubern, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Perico Pastor, Enric Miralles, Josep Ramoneda, Esther Tusquets and Félix de Azúa, among others. In short, a list of over 550 contributors during the magazine's first phase alone. (...)

Phase three
A source for documentation, an instrument for reflection and a forum for debate: the rethinking of the magazine, whose phase three begins with the first issue of 2001, has been dominated by this triad. Our intention is that the articles published in B.MM should be more analytical than in the past, with greater emphasis on material issues and factual reporting, and with anecdotal or ephemeral aspects reduced, where appropriate, to a minimum. We wish to produce a magazine that is more for reading than for looking at. We will focus greater attention on monographs, which will account for one third of each issue, and in addition to the regular issues of the magazine we will publish two thematic supplements each year. In order to achieve its goal of becoming a library of urban culture, then, B.MM will add new sections and nuances that we trust will make it more interesting for everyone and, above and beyond news events and circumstantial civic references, an indispensable periodical for new readers and opinion groups.