portada de BMM

by Felicia Esquinas

These days, the "Acadèmia Marshall", the most important piano academy in Barcelona, is celebrating the centenary year of its foundation.
The school, whose lasting achievements can be considered a milestone in our city's musical history, is an establishment that bears the distinguishing imprint of the three artists who made its success possible : composer Enric Granados, the founder of the academy, and the two continuators of his work, Frank Marshall and pianist Alícia Larrocha.
(...) Over the last one hundred years, the famed "Acadèmia Marshall" has served as a most important centre of musical diffusion, a nursery of great pianists as well as a meeting place for composers, interpreters and their disciples. Many personalities of the music world have been closely linked with the Marshall academy : musicologist Felip Pedrell, composers Isaac Albéniz, Manuel de Falla, Joaquim Nin-Culmell and Xavier Montsalvatge, pianists Ricard Viñes and Joaquim Malats, violoncellist and composer Pau Casals, legends of piano music of the nineteenth century such as Emil von Sauer and Eduard Risler, soprano Victòria dels Angels, etc... However, the "Acadèmia" could not have achieved its goals without the help of three key figures - Enric Granados, Frank Marshall and Alícia de Larrocha - who strived to build up the reputation of the academy, turning it into a veritable place of reference, not only as a music school but also as a centre for interpretation and diffusion of Spanish music. (...)
The "Acadèmia Marshall" has provided four generations of musicians and pianists with first-rate musical education and training. Many of its students have become well-known artists whose fame has in some cases spread far beyond our country. Alícia de Larrocha is the most significant example, but not the only one. Composer Robert Gerhard and singer Conxita Badia are among Enric Granados's most outstanding disciples, whereas Frank Marshall's set of followers includes Mercè Roldos, Júlia Albareda - who would both continue to work with the school -, Alberto Attenelle and, more particularly, Rosa Sabater, one of the most talented pianists who ever attended the school. (...)