portada de BMM

by Jordi Maluquer

Violoncellist Joaquim Homs is about to be 95 years old and he has composed more than two hundred pieces of music, even though his works are not very well-known to the general public. Jordi Maluquer has written a commentary on Joaquim Homs's figure in the hope that some conductor might fall in love with his music and decide to record his symphonic works.
Writing a commentary on Joaquim Homs's figure is a complex task. Firstly because of the sheer volume of this composer's musical production. It has required great patience to manage to classify his more than two hundred works. Secondly, in view of the fact that, for the most part, those works - more especially the symphonic pieces - have never been performed in front of an audience. Thirdly, because of the particular line Homs took as a pioneer and an explorer of musical forms; he has always been so ahead of his time that both hearers and commentators are really hard pushed to put his works into perspective.
Moreover, the diffusion of Joaquim Homs's musical production was interrupted by the outbreak of the Spanish civil war. (...)